What’s a Piñata?

So, what actually is a piñata?

Well, to summarise, the word ‘piñata’ is derived from the word ‘pignatta’ or ‘fragile pot’ and as the name suggests, is a container which can be made of pottery or cloth, but is more commonly made of papier-mache. This is then decorated and filled with small toys, trinkets perhaps, chocolate or sweets and then hung up with rope. Children, who are then usually blind-folded, take it in turns at hitting it with a stick, until it is broken.


A Bit of History….

Although the piñata is said to have originated in China, they are typically associated with Mexico and play a large part in their tradition and culture. The piñatas history in Mexico dates back to the same time as the ‘Christmas Posada’s’ – which is an important part of the Mexican Christmas celebrations. The word ‘posada’ means ‘inn’ or ‘shelter’ in Spanish and these celebrations recreate Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. These celebrations were started in 1586 by the Augustinian friars and it was at these masses (that are held in the days leading up to Christmas) that the friars introduced the piñata as an allegory or symbol, if you like, to represent a moral tale or hidden meaning.


The original piñata was shaped like a star with seven points, the points depicts  the seven deadly sins and the bright colours of the piñata’s decoration symbolised temptation! The blindfold that the children wear, symbolises ‘faith’ and the stick used to hit the piñata is the ‘virtue’ or the will to overcome sin. The sweets and goodies inside represents the bounty of the kingdom of heaven – thus teaching us that faith and virtue can overcome sin and so we will receive all the riches of heaven. To be really traditional, there is a special song which is sung as the piñata is being hit, which translated, is as follows:


Hit it, hit it, hit it

Don’t lose your aim

Because if you lose it

You will lose your way

You hit it once

You hit it twice

You hit it three times

And your time is up!


Why Chose a Piñata for your celebration?

The piñata today is a very important part or feature of birthday parties, weddings and celebrations across Mexico and indeed America and they obviously figure prominently at Christmas time. Their popularity has spread and they are now a well recognised tradition across parts of Europe and ever increasingly so, in the UK. Although traditionally they are available in the seven pointed star shape or the more recognisable Mexican Burro donkey; they can be any shape, size, colour or design you may wish and this ladies and gentlemen, is where I step in!


So Why Choose Crackerjack Craft?

Well, you can readily buy a piñata from the internet, party stores and even the supermarket, but we go that little bit further, as we can create something special, which is truly unique, just for you. They can be personalised (if you so wish) and made to any specific colour, size or theme which is relevant to you or the occasion it is for. It is this attention to detail that is reflected by the ‘wow’ factor of the finished piñata and shows you have given some extra thought to the proceedings and this, I can assure you, will make an impact that people will remember and thank you for!

 So, let’s get cracking…….

  • What people say…

    Hi Karen, just to let you know the pumpkin was a great success last night, it took them a good while before they managed to break in to it, which was brilliant as it entertained 30+ kids for some time, the adults were also very impressed so you could get orders in the future, thanks

    Esther Bewcastle PFA

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