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Well, I think I have covered everything you need to know and everything I need to know in order to get started – but just in case, I have listed below some FAQ’s that you may find useful!

If however there is something I have missed, then please do not hesitate to contact me and I shall do my utmost to help!



Can I collect?

Of course! Should you live not far away and would like to collect to save on the postage costs, then that is no problem at all and it would be lovely to meet you!

Do I post internationally?

Unfortunately, at this point in time I am unable to post abroad due to the postage costs, but I can certainly provide a quote should you be interested.

Do you supply them ready filled?

If you would like me to fill your piñata with sweets and chocolates then that is not a problem, I can provide a separate quote for this, but please note however that this will affect the weight of the piñata and therefore could affect the price of the postage.

How big will it be?

Up to now the only restriction I had to the size, was my imagination! I have made some nearly 4ft in length and to be honest, I feel the size plays a major part in the impact they make. However, this is not going to be practical when they are to be posted! So this is going to restrict the overall dimensions, unless you specifically require a very large piñata, then you will have to appreciate the postage will jump up considerably to accommodate this. I will endeavour to give an approximate size for each piñata displayed on the website, although this should be taken as a rough guideline only.

How do I pay for the piñata?

My preferred method of payment is by direct money transfer, the details of which will be included on the invoice.

How long does it take to make a piñata?

Each and every piñata is made to order and it generally takes a week to make a straightforward design from beginning to end. However there are variable factors which can affect the length of time involved. Surprisingly, the weather plays a major part in the proceedings, as the layers of papier mache can dry within a few hours  when hung outside during the warmer summer months, but can take a full day for each layer drying inside, when it is too cold and wet outside! Also, if the design is quite complicated obviously it’s going to take longer than a more straightforward shape for example. So, I prefer to have at least two weeks notice (to include postage) so I can be absolutely sure that everything will be completed in plenty of time. However, I do try to make plenty of seasonal piñatas (obviously at the relevant times of year) in a few different designs/colours, so I have them in stock and are ready to be posted out as soon as possible. If you require a piñata within the two week time frame, then please still get in touch, as it may be possible I will be able to do something for you.

How much does the postage cost?

Once I have all the relevant information I need to work out the dimensions of your  piñata and this combined with your postcode, should enable me to source the best price I can get, at that point in time. I will supply this quote for postage (stating the courier) along with my quote for the piñata, all on the same invoice so you can see exactly what is what. Currently, this is the best method for ensuring the most competitive price for yourselves.

How will I receive my piñata if posted?

The piñata will be lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it during transit, it will be packaged into a large cardboard box, taped and labelled ‘fragile’ to hopefully ensure it will arrive in pristine condition. However, any problems, then do please let me know, as I will not continue to use that particular courier.

What are the piñatas made out of?

All the piñatas start off life as a balloon, or several balloons attached together to make whatever shape I am after. I then cover this ‘base’ with several layers of papier mache (using old newspapers, flour and water). I am lucky to have a very good neighbour and friend (Kay) who keeps me supplied with old cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, newspapers and anything else that I am able to re-cycle! She has also been known to charge up the lane to retrieve a piñata from the washing line during a sudden shower or rain – what a woman! None of the piñatas are constructed out of cardboard (as with the ones you buy) as they take forever to break into. I use cardboard only for embellishments, finishing touches or to provide extra strength to sections which are not going to be hit!

What can I put inside the piñata?

I get asked this a lot! It really depends on who the piñata is for, obviously for children’s birthday parties, there really is anything and everything you can put inside. Loose packets of jelly sweets, chocolates, lollipops, chews etc. are always a winner, some people like to put stickers, pens/pencils, art and craft items, blowers, poppers, party hats, masks and bubbles. If there are lots of children, just keep an eye on the overall weight of what you are putting inside as lots of sweets can be surprisingly heavy! Older children love snaps, glow sticks, balloons, whistles – anything that is vaguely annoying! The really older children (talking 21 and older) quite like miniature shots, alcoholic chocolates etc and as for the hen and stags – I will leave that to your imagination!!

If there are any further points which I have not covered, then please get in touch.

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    We love Crackerjack Craft's pinata's they are colourful, quirky and ideal for different themes in our cafe. We use them for Easter, Christmas and even Halloween, they are a hit with young and old alike.

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