Summer Holidays…?

Well, so much for the “could well be July before my next update…” as we are now into August, I have well and truly fluffed that one!

So, what’s been going on at CJC HQ? To be honest it has all been a bit of a blur, when I last updated my blog my eldest was about to set off on Residential, which by the way was a big success – he had a fabulous time. Whilst he was away it was time to create our entry for the School PTA’s Scarecrow trail which was for the weekend of the happy campers return; the theme being ‘characters from the last 100 years’ our entry (shown below) seemed to go down well with passing traffic, although we did hear that some children had told their parents not to go through our village as “a Gruffalo lives there…”!

image   image

Once that weekend of trailing got over, it was time to get sorted for his birthday party which involved copious amounts of cake (an alien hatching out of an egg this year) and a trip to Laser Quest with some school mates and then I had a serious backlog of pinatas to work through ranging from giant Beach Balls, to Olaf to a whole picnic as shown below…..!

image image image image

My youngest nephew also turned the grand ole age of 2 this month and his mum requested a Tractor Ted which she wanted to hang in their play room as he absolutely LOVES Tractor Ted – despite a few bumps and imperfections, it didn’t turn out too badly?

image  image

In amongst the last few weeks of school stuff (Summer concerts, Leavers Assembly’s, sports day, parents evening etc etc) I felt I had hardly time to draw breath. The house resembled a war zone with a sprinkling of glitter, glue and tissue thrown in for good measure, I was still seeing ‘spots’ and the word ‘stressed’ just didn’t cover it! Needless to say, I was mightily relieved when school closed for the Summer; no more daily trips to drop off and collect, remembering everything they need each day of the week etc but more importantly a chance for me to take stock! So I have worked like a demon to get sorted: I have cooked, baked, washed, ironed, labelled, put away, cleaned out cupboards, fridge, freezer, weeded, strimmed, cut grass and hedges. Also attempted a Tinkerbell and made another Peppa piñata (see below) AND I have even made mincemeat, Christmas cakes and Christmas pudding, with sausage rolls prepared ready for the oven in the freezer! Now, I am not normally that organised or sad (depending on how you look at it) – I do like to be a little bit sorted before we reach the end of November, but last year was a complete and utter nightmare for me over the ‘festive period’ and I wish never to be in that situation again. A combination of being a bit blasé about Christmas and not preparing for that and Halloween (piñata wise) which threw me off guard. A few giant pumpkins for Halloween parties later and then we rolled straight into November with me not having a clue as to what to make for Christmas! The weather was rubbish, so they all took forever to dry and I ended up trying to make everything, which resulted in a bit of a mish mash of things that worked and things that didn’t work. Then throw in all the usual school stuff, homework, costumes, concerts, Christmas parties etc then a few weeks of a really nasty sickness bug, which wiped most of us out and I ended up with the most stressful Christmas EVER – not one Christmas card was wrote!



This year, things will be very different – all part of the learning curve as they say. So since I have mentioned the ‘C’ word already, I have decided to stick to four possibly five designs, but make them available in different sizes, so for example the Christmas pudding will be returning but in two different sizes. The snowman is always popular, but this year I will be making him more streamlined and not as traditional looking and again in two different sizes…. You get the idea. I am in the middle of deciding how to decorate them, then I will post some pictures on Fb before putting them on the website – so if anyone fancies giving a festive piñata to a family for Christmas or even just buying one instead of crackers for example or to keep the little ones quiet once they get ‘bored’ – (usually by Boxing day in our house!) You can whip out your festive piñata and…. t’dah!

Ok, it really won’t be that long until next time, but until then bye for now!