People Piñatas

Initially this section of my website was titled ‘Seasonal’ however, following an ever increasing number of enquiries and orders for piñata’s based on friends, family, celebrities and politicians (ripe for lampooning) and even of couples tying the knot for the ultimate wedding ‘bash’.  I thought I should highlight them here in my “rogues gallery”, these truly are ‘one off’ creations which so far have been ordered for ‘significant’ birthdays, stag nights, publicity stunts, TV shows and wedding receptions. Hopefully you will be able to see more and more appear over the coming year!

I will stress at this point, that I will do my absolute best to ‘capture a likeness’ but I certainly cannot guarantee an exact replica, any distinguishing features are always a bonus! The heads are just under 80cm in height and prices start at £90 plus shipping and handling costs.

What I CAN guarantee however is that with any piñata I make, it will be unique and there will be nothing else quite like it – whether that is viewed to be in a good way or not is up to you but I shall cover myself by saying it is my interpretation and totally subjective. Although I am not an artist, I do spend a great deal of time putting as much detail as possible into each and every one with the aim of capturing the semblance of that person – so they will be special to you and hopefully the recipient!



  • What people say…

    Hi Karen, just to let you know the pumpkin was a great success last night, it took them a good while before they managed to break in to it, which was brilliant as it entertained 30+ kids for some time, the adults were also very impressed so you could get orders in the future, thanks

    Esther Bewcastle PFA

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