New Year, new start!


I am still here and kicking (kind of) and after much deliberation (and procrastination it has to be said) I have decided to resurrect the blog and try again. Rather than attempting to write a post every month – which believe it or not was my original intention – I am going to use it more as an information notice board and therefore will not have to worry about getting ‘writers’ block or worry about my writing ability or (rather lack of) and just post now and again or whenever it is relevant.

Up to now I have relied heavily upon Facebook as my main means of communication, which is fine if you happen to be a Facebook user but obviously not much use if are not. Ironically, I am not a fan of fb and prefer twitter and Instagram although it will be immediately apparent to those who follow me, that I am not proficient in either and certainly do not consider myself to be any kind of social media elf!

To that end, I think it would be much more sensible to use the Crackerjack Crack section of the website, to do as the name suggests and fill you all in on any relevant ‘craic’ and flag up any issues, problems, or general information such as current lead times or use the opportunity to answer any of the FAQs that I get.

So, any questions – fire away and if I cannot for any reason reply by email, I will do my best to do so on here.

May the force be with you.


Karen x