Love is in the air

So here was a nice idea for some piñata usage!

We all worry, some more than others and it is quite an issue amongst a particular group of people – let’s call them students! It is quite a stressful period during their time at University and for one particularly insightful newly appointed ‘Health & Wellbeing’ intern; she had the inspired idea of having a piñata to act as a worry doll!

Brilliant! Everyone writes down all their worries/problems/concerns and posts them into the piñata and then enjoy smashing it to bits and therefore psychologically and physically ‘trash’ their problems into oblivion! Personally, I thought that was a fab idea however it transpired (after some student feedback) that it could be unhelpful to have a whole campus worth of student worries raining down on everyone – those students just think about things too much?

Therefore it was decided that we need to turn the idea on its head and spread the LOVE ❤️ – let’s post comments about things we love about ourselves instead and so everyone gets showered with positivity, love and glitter! I have got to hand it to you Sarah, inspired idea, you will go far!