Happy New Year!

Another year draws to a close and as sure as night follows day, the first page of a new chapter that is the book of 2018 begins.

I hope all is well with you and I wish everyone the very best of love, health and happiness over the coming year.

Weddings featured very heavily in my order book last year, with more and more couple’s opting to have either a piñata wedding cake or ‘heads’ of the bride and groom as a real fun aspect of the wedding celebration. Many of these were filled with favours or treats for the guests instead of the traditional ‘cutting of the cake’; it was more the case of the ‘bashing of the piñata’!

Some couples are using them as ‘Anniversary pinata’s’- something I have talked about before. This is when guests write down comments or well wishes and post them into the piñata, (as opposed to writing in the wedding/guest book). Then on their first wedding anniversary (which happens to be paper!) the couple have a party (optional), bash open the piñata and read all the comments – rather a nice idea actually.


I have also posted many abroad last year, which is something I will do – but not before thoroughly checking out the shipping costs; which unfortunately for myself is really rather expensive.

I will be honest and say that I find the whole ordering of the head thing, rather bemusing! As you can tell from the pictures I post, I am no artist – I try my absolute best to capture a likeness or character of that person from photographs I am given but absolutely cannot guarantee an exact copy!


I love it when people send my photo’s of their special day that includes one (or two) of my creations; you have no idea how much it means to know that I have played some small but hopefully memorable part in this. Please do  continue to email them to me and I will only post them online with your express permission.

Despite having my busiest year to date, I have recently started a part time job and although I will continue making piñata’s, I obviously will not have the same amount of time available. Therefore, I do urge you to give me as much prior notice as possible, to ensure that I will be able to help – with an absolute minimum of four weeks. There are lots of things to factor in such as obtaining supplies, time to construct, drying time, painting and then the shipping time frame to consider. I do hope you understand, I really don’t like to rush and then end up with something below par as this does not reflect well on me and is a waste of everyone’s time.

That being said, I look forward to hearing from you in due course and hope we can work together towards making many more happy memories.

Karen x