Every bunny needs some bunny to love…..

I cannot believe how the days are flying by at the moment, it doesn’t seem two minutes since I was preparing for the Easter holidays and now here we are getting everything ready for the kids to go back to school! I hope a good Easter break was had by all? I know we were all ready for one in this house, with so much going on at school and at home (lambing etc) they were absolutely shattered – we are also still in the midst of ‘party season’! We had a special party to celebrate at the weekend, with my husband’s parents reaching a milestone 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had a beautiful meal at The Shepherds Inn, all the tables were decorated with gorgeous flower arrangements by my talented sister in law Abi and I managed to throw some icing over a cake for the occasion! Golden Congratulations once again to Alan and Jean on this achievement!

Number two child also reaches his 7th Birthday this week, so this involves taking cakes into school for his class to enjoy on the day itself and a party to sort! However, he has requested a swimming party this time – so that should be straightforward enough (?) although whether we have time to smash super red below remains to be seen…?

image image

As for the Decoupage Easter egg I started working on….. well, suffice to say it is in exactly the same state since my last post – I really should know better!  It would have been more realistic to say it would be finished by next Easter, so hopefully it will be?

However in other news the bad fairy tale character has been completed, any clues…..?

image image


My youngest also starts the school nursery this term, so for the first time in over 8 years I will have a few mornings a week with absolutely no children….. not sure how I feel about this as yet? It’s going to feel very weird and despite people assuming (as they do) that I will spend my “free” time wandering aimlessly about – wondering what I am going to do with myself; I can reassure you all that actually, I have plenty to do! In amongst it all however, the sports car is going straight to the top of the list, as a matter of priority!!

So that being said, I had better crack on….. #timeisticking

Karen x