Do, or do not, there is no try.

March has been and gone, what a month it was – hardly had to time to catch my breath! My youngest son’s 5th birthday, a fair few orders to deal with, lots of enquiries, the dog’s 1st birthday (we had to have a party and cake – for us, not the dog!) school projects to supervise and assist with and then Easter (decorated eggs, egg hunts, Easter coffee morning etc); not all necessarily in that order however?! In order to cope and get through, I have taken to chanting one of Yoda’s more insightful sayings (as per title) …….the hours fly by in our house!

Mentioning the school project, the topic was ‘Movies’ and this year had an added feature of making either a short animation or video to accompany it. As my eldest made a little cartoon last year and because this time he was making it together with his brother, they decided that it would be a video! The subject of choice was Star Wars with one of them concentrating on the ‘Dark Side’ and the other on the ‘Light Side’ with their written work and in homage to Dumb Drums epic sweded version of episode VII’s trailer, they decided to try and copy this – with as much detail as possible……

It soon became clear that this was going to be a massive undertaking and maybe a tad ambitious – but we all got stuck in and the whole family helped. They made the vast majority of the props, their younger brothers helped where they could, I helped with suggesting how they could do shots when they got stuck and we all had a role to play in the video! My eldest loved doing all the ‘filming and editing’ and directing everyone, whilst Joe threw himself into making and painting and loved to act the part of Finn – he also made a fab Darth Vader’s melted helmet from papier mache (trainee in waiting!) which he used for his model and Ike made a great BB8 attached to a remote control car!

We had such a brilliant time doing this and learnt a lot along the way (although it has to be said the project ended up being rather incidental to the whole video production) but they enjoyed themselves so much in the whole process that I kinda let that slide, as they more than made up for it with their enthusiasm and imagination!

I’m so very proud of all their hard work and would like to share some pics and the resulting video which we posted to YouTube or maybe a link to it, if I can figure it out!


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