Hello Spring….

Well its’ April and we are in the midst of ‘our’ lambing season, so it’s action stations! The school breaks up next week for the Easter holidays, so I am frantically trying to keep on top of things before I have the foursome at home wanting fed every 5 minutes (I really am dreading the teenage years!). So what have you all been up to? In amongst my usual jobs I have been trying to get some Easter decorations made, well when I say ‘some’ what I actually mean is ‘an’ Easter decoration made. This is not something I generally do, but have always loved the idea of Easter egg trees where someone has gone to the trouble of arranging some beautifully decorated eggs on a tree – obviously not on the same scale as the one below…..

 egg tree

But more like the small indoor ones, one year I am going to set time aside to do this with the kids and then I can bring it out every year. I just LOVE these Easter/Spring wreaths which if I had the ability would make and hang outside for as long as possible!

rabbit wreath     tulips door

In the meantime I am attempting to decoupage a largish egg to sit on the dresser, which obviously does not have the same effect as the above, but it’s a start and at present it is not looking too promising, so will have to keep you posted on that front! In other news, here is a ladybird which I have just finished for a special little lady who will be turning 4 shortly – hope she likes it?


I will be posting some pictures of Chuck (of Angry birds fame for those of you who are looking a bit blank) and some variations to the Easter egg theme (to perhaps provide some ideas) to my facebook page, so please keep looking and liking, your comments are always much appreciated (good or bad). Still have yet to tackle the sports car – that is on the list for next week and the horrid creature I’m working on from a famous tale has taken a bit of a back seat of late, I will post the odd snippet or the odd photo, until it is collected for a ball in May; hopefully someone will see a resemblance?!

 So I shall love you and leave you until next time……….(I know, the excitement of it all!)

Karen x

Be the reason someone smiles today!

So, what is free and yet priceless? You can’t own it, but you can use it? You can’t keep it, but you can spend it? Once you have lost it however you can never get it back? Although I am tempted to say my sanity – that doesn’t quite fit, the answer is of course ‘time’ and boy has it had wings this last week or so! We have had a birthday to celebrate, children’s parties to attend, appointments to remember, pinatas to start, think about and make – all in amongst the day to day stuff of life; I feel like the proverbial headless chicken! I have also noticed of late, just how much the weather can affect the way you are feeling. When we had a few days of gorgeous sunshine (it was actually t-shirt weather) there was a buzz in the air and I felt like I could achieve anything. Now as I look out the window at the grey, cold day with the prospect of snow around the corner (yes, snow!) and ‘hug’ my mug of coffee, I don’t feel quite so ‘energetic/enthusiastic’?! But instead of longing for the warmer days of Spring to come, I have decided to focus on my current mantra of ‘don’t count the days – make the days count’!

Therefore, I am busily making and creating. I have some fairly diverse orders in place at the moment varying from a lovely ‘chocolate’ egg, ladybird, chuck, a sports car (no idea about how this is going to work yet!) and a horrid character from a fairy tale – more of which will follow at a later date, so watch this space…….!

It is also worth noting that it was the ‘International day of happiness’ this week and so I hope you all managed to spend it in an appropriate manner? An obvious and fairly effective way to fast track your way to happiness (apart from buying a piñata of course) is to just smile and try and be the reason that someone else smiles!

So with that in mind, here is a pic from twitter and remember……….


Life is short; so smile while you still have your teeth! x


Making one person smile can change the world……

The signs are all there, daffodils are about to burst into life, the sun keeps teasing us with the odd glimpse and perhaps the most telling of all – the lambing shed is getting prepared ready for action! Spring has finally sprung! Mother’s day is just around the corner and Easter will be upon us in the blink of an eye.

So with all these thoughts whirring around in my head, I have been busy trying to get ahead and making some Easter themed piñatas! This time last year, I was very much in the early stages of the whole process and made mainly ‘eggs’ with the odd gold bunny thrown in (and very odd they were too!) So, this year along with some spotty eggs, I have made some chicks, bunnies and lambs.


This really is the ideal time (I think) for having a piñata, there are just so many options! The most obvious one being at the end of an egg hunt, after scurrying around hunting for chocolate eggs – to then having the chance to crack open the biggest one of all with all your friends! Who wouldn’t like that? Some people like to buy them for decoration, so it would look pretty cool to have one or two hanging in your porch/hall in the run up to Easter and they would look esp nice outside under a tree on a sunny day. Or if like me, you have families with more than one child to buy for and your heart just sinks when they add your chocolate eggs to the ever increasing mass already assembled – give them a piñata for something totally unique and fun! All you have to do is fill them with whatever you wish (jelly sweets, stickers, blowers, art and craft items to name a few) and hand it over, it will make such a nice change and I bet they will absolutely love you for it!

Remember that making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but THEIR world.

Karen x

Trying times are times for trying



Welcome to the Crackerjack Crack!

For my very first post, I am very excited to announce the launch of not only Crackerjack Craft’s shiny new website; but a new logo as well and with so much for you to have a look at and read about, I’m going to keep this brief!

So, what’s the blog all about? Well, I thought it would be nice to share with you random bits and pieces of the more general aspects of what goes on behind the scenes at Crackerjack HQ and from my life in general! There will be photographs showing the various stages of how I make the pinata’s or projects that I am working on (this could just be a pile of ironing or trying to cobble together a costume for the school play) so you will be able to see and appreciate just how ‘rock and roll’ my life truly is?!

This whole ‘social media’ and trying to establish a business combo is all very new to me however, a bit scary and a bit of an adventure to who knows where, but the best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time (Abraham Lincoln) and hey – you should never be afraid to try something new; always remember that amateurs built the Ark and professionals built the Titanic…….

I really hope you will be able to join me by reading my weekly (I hope) posts which will make for a light hearted read, containing random thoughts, “deep and meaningful” reflections (see above) photos and general ramblings on and about life as I see it.

In the meantime, please enjoy your look around CjC!