Bespoke Piñatas

All the piñatas are made to order, I never have any ‘in stock’ so to speak as they do involve a lot of time and detail – (which I like to think) gives them the edge. I prefer to have as much notice as possible but ask for a minimum of two weeks, this allows me to work an order in and around others and also takes into consideration postage/delivery.

To give each piñata the attention it deserves, I will not take on any more than I can reasonably manage without compromising on quality, so there will unfortunately be occasions that I will be unable to help and it will be for this reason. I do use my Facebook page (Crackerjack Craft) to post notices, if I am fully booked for example and you can also find photographs of recent piñata’s on there.

What I can guarantee however is that with any piñata, no two will ever be the same, they will be totally personal and unique to you right down to the colourway, shape, design or wording should you require it. The more information you can give, the easier it is for me to come up with some ideas and suggestions that will match what you are looking for and then I can get back to you with some options. As they are made to order and vary so much in shape/design/size/level of detail etc they have to be individually priced but to give an indication, prices start at £50.

Currently, the maximum size I can make (due to delivery constraints) is 120cm x 60cm x 60cm anything outside these measurements causes lots of issues with couriers. I can feasibly make to whatever size you wish but please remember I am based in north Cumbria, unless you are able to collect or organise your own collection.

  • What people say…

    I ordered an ET pinata for my 7 year olds birthday, a slightly retro choice but Karen didn't bat an eyelid. He arrived in a huge box beautifully wrapped up for the journey across the sea and when we peered inside we were all taken aback by how amazing he was. He was so life-like (and virtually life-size) and the attention to detail was lovely, down to a finger painted in glow -paint. Karen couldn't have been more helpful and ET made my daughter's birthday. Thank you so much.

    Beth Isle of Man

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