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Happy New Year!

Another year draws to a close and as sure as night follows day, the first page of a new chapter that is the book of 2018 begins. I hope all is well with you and I wish everyone the very best of love, health and happiness over the coming year. Weddings featured very heavily in […]

Do, or do not, there is no try.

March has been and gone, what a month it was – hardly had to time to catch my breath! My youngest son’s 5th birthday, a fair few orders to deal with, lots of enquiries, the dog’s 1st birthday (we had to have a party and cake – for us, not the dog!) school projects to […]

You ain’t nothing but a ………

Another doggy themed piñata for a presentation evening, which makes me kinda nervous, as I assume the room will be filled with breeders and dog lovers alike! Hopefully they won’t be looking too closely at ‘my interpretation’ and will cut me a bit of slack with regards to artistic licence? From a distance, I’m sure […]

Love is in the air

So here was a nice idea for some piñata usage! We all worry, some more than others and it is quite an issue amongst a particular group of people – let’s call them students! It is quite a stressful period during their time at University and for one particularly insightful newly appointed ‘Health & Wellbeing’ […]

New Year, new start!

Hello! I am still here and kicking (kind of) and after much deliberation (and procrastination it has to be said) I have decided to resurrect the blog and try again. Rather than attempting to write a post every month – which believe it or not was my original intention – I am going to use […]

Summer Holidays…?

Well, so much for the “could well be July before my next update…” as we are now into August, I have well and truly fluffed that one! So, what’s been going on at CJC HQ? To be honest it has all been a bit of a blur, when I last updated my blog my eldest […]

Gone in the blink of an eye.

So where did the last four weeks go then? They were definitely there last time I looked, just around the corner and then, just as I emerge Meerkat like from my ‘work room’ aka spare bedroom, whoosh – we are into the middle of June! Oh well, I guess if I adopt the same attitude […]

Hello dearie….

A cautionary tale. In the warm Spring sunshine a gentle breeze rippled through the garden and underneath the shelter of the large cherry tree, something stirred in amongst the shadows. The old hag quietly waits and gradually emerges………. Her patience is duly rewarded when she spies her quarry and quickly makes a move. She breaks […]

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.

Well, I managed to get the sports car finished and just to clarify, it’s a Porsche 911 – although when the chap in question requested one for his 50th, I’m fairly sure this isn’t quite what he had in mind! So we have had some lovely warmer days of late (not going to mention the […]

Every bunny needs some bunny to love…..

I cannot believe how the days are flying by at the moment, it doesn’t seem two minutes since I was preparing for the Easter holidays and now here we are getting everything ready for the kids to go back to school! I hope a good Easter break was had by all? I know we were […]