About CjC

 A Country lass….

Hi, I’m Karen – a farmer’s daughter, wife and mother to four fabulous sons (aged 6 – 11 years). We live in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside in a small village a stone’s throw from Hadrian’s Wall on the outskirts of Carlisle; which is north of The Lake District and south of The Scottish Borders. We have a few hens, some sheep, three cats and a puggle! I make the piñata’s in and around general family/school life, therefore I do bits and pieces whenever I can. As such my life is chaotic, very ‘random’ and at times stressful (mainly self inflicted) but it definitely is not boring!

So how did CJC start?

Back in November 2012 with Christmas very much on my mind, I remembered the frantic search I’d had the previous year looking for ‘child friendly’ crackers when I realised on Christmas Eve that I had forgotten to buy some. So, keen to avoid that particular headache, I decided to do something different – but what? I remembered watching ‘Kirstie and Phil’s perfect Christmas’ TV series (which aired on 2010) and there had been lots of ideas for creating a children’s Christmas party. I had really enjoyed this series and when Kirstie Allsopp then published her ‘craft’ book in October 2011, I bought myself a copy and there on page 88 – 89 was my answer – a snowman piñata!

Balloons, flour and water….

I hunted out some balloons, mixed up some papier mache paste – ripped up some old newspapers and eventually put together my own version of the snowman. I filled him with poppers, sweets, chocolate coins etc and hung him in the corner. As our local village school’s annual Christmas Fair was approaching, I decided to make some more –  thinking it would be something different and festive looking for the stalls. They took forever to do, but I was delighted to find that I got a really positive response and people seemed to genuinely like them!

A light bulb moment…..

It then occurred to me after Christmas, that they would be a great idea for Easter – at the end of an egg hunt for example and then obviously for birthday parties. With one or two people asking whether I took orders (which encouraged me greatly) I made a few and very slowly things evolved from there!

  • What people say…

    Dear Karen, my son loved his pinata! The look on his face when he saw it was priceless. His friends and their parents were also very impressed. It was strong enough to last the beating 10 boisterous boys gave it and broke at the right time to stop them getting bored. Harry has kept his name from the back and stuck it to bedroom door. I have one happy little turtle. Thank you once again.

    Sara-lee Ford Ealing.

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