Monthly Archives: February 2016

You ain’t nothing but a ………

Another doggy themed piñata for a presentation evening, which makes me kinda nervous, as I assume the room will be filled with breeders and dog lovers alike! Hopefully they won’t be looking too closely at ‘my interpretation’ and will cut me a bit of slack with regards to artistic licence? From a distance, I’m sure […]

Love is in the air

So here was a nice idea for some piñata usage! We all worry, some more than others and it is quite an issue amongst a particular group of people – let’s call them students! It is quite a stressful period during their time at University and for one particularly insightful newly appointed ‘Health & Wellbeing’ […]

New Year, new start!

Hello! I am still here and kicking (kind of) and after much deliberation (and procrastination it has to be said) I have decided to resurrect the blog and try again. Rather than attempting to write a post every month – which believe it or not was my original intention – I am going to use […]